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Past events

Explore highlights from our events, with links to more information and recordings where available.

10 October 2023

Commoning Xolobeni: Past, Present and Future

September 2023

Masters in Commons Administration (MCA) pilot course, Bristol, UK

20 July 2023
Seminar: Bernadette Floresca – Archives, coloniality and the neoliberal agenda

27-29 June 2023
POLLEN23: Exhibition and talks

26 April 2023
Book talk: Peter Gelderloos – The solutions are already here

18 January 2023
Book talk: JT Roane – Dark Agoras: Insurgent Black social life and the politics of place

7 December 2022
Crisis, development and ecologies of the new commons

1-3 July 2022
Masters in Commons Administration (MCA) taster course, Brighton, UK

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Season: Strange Natures

Future Natures

A season of creative contributions that engage with ‘the strange’ to open up new ways of seeing and telling stories about crises, ecologies and natures.

Comic: Future Natures

Future Natures

‘Sedentist’ bias and the pastoral commons

Future Natures

On the Promise of the Commons

Anoushka Zoob Carter

Comic: Weird Ecologies

Future Natures

Comic about the radical potential of ‘weird ecologies’ to affect people’s views of nature.