Future Natures at POLLEN22/3: comics and talks

Comics produced in collaboration with Future Natures will be on display at the POLLEN22/3 conference, 27-29 June 2023. Selected panels from the comics, illustrated by Tim Zocco, will be shown as part of a wider exhibition.

Our coordinator Amber Huff will be a speaker in two ‘indaba’ plenary sessions: Political Ecology: North, South and Beyond, and Situating Labor in Biodiversity Conservation.

POLLEN22/3 is the biannual conference of the Political Ecology Network (POLLEN). This year’s in-person event was postponed from 2022 and is being held in Durban, South Africa. You can view the full programme on the conference website.

Season: Strange Natures

Future Natures

A season of creative contributions that engage with ‘the strange’ to open up new ways of seeing and telling stories about crises, ecologies and natures.

Comic: Future Natures

Future Natures

‘Sedentist’ bias and the pastoral commons

Future Natures

Pastoralists are often marginalised from common land and resources, even by policies that claim to help them. Policies are based on a bias towards fixed, formalised land ownership.

On the Promise of the Commons

Anoushka Zoob Carter

Comic: Weird Ecologies

Future Natures

Comic about the radical potential of ‘weird ecologies’ to affect people’s views of nature.