Comic: Future Natures

An introduction to crisis, enclosures, and the radical realities and possibilities of commoning.

How did the world get into this mess? What does commoning look like and why is it needed?

In this introductory comic from Future Natures, we explore the multiple crises produced by values that create artificial divisions between humans and the rest of nature.

Through empires and colonisation to their existing forms in modern capitalism, nature has been commodified, privatised and enclosed. But alternatives are all around us. Commoning offers a radically different way of valuing resources and other ‘social goods’, in agroecology, urban commons, creativity and technology, and more.

Commoning not only helps to address people’s immediate needs, here and now. By making us think about what we value and how we value it, commoning can open up many possible and imagined futures.

‘Sedentist’ bias and the pastoral commons

Future Natures

Pastoralists are often marginalised from common land and resources, even by policies that claim to help them. Policies are based on a bias towards fixed, formalised land ownership.

On the Promise of the Commons

Anoushka Zoob Carter

Comic: Weird Ecologies

Future Natures