comic book image of a giant hand holding a small patch of land with people growing food

Crisis, development and ecologies of the new commons

Event in the ‘Sussex Development Lectures’ series

7 December 2022
Institute of Development Studies/online

Online and in-person panel discussion that explores how the ‘new commons’ deal with ideas about crisis, global challenges, development and internationalism. How does this compare to dominant approaches in research and policy? What transformative visions motivate commons practice in the long term, and how do commoners seek to change or intervene in wider society?

This event was part of the Sussex Development Lectures series hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).


Comic: Future Natures

Future Natures

Introductory comic from Future Natures about modern crises and the radical potential of commoning.

‘Sedentist’ bias and the pastoral commons

Future Natures

Pastoralists are often marginalised from common land and resources, even by policies that claim to help them. Policies are based on a bias towards fixed, formalised land ownership.

On the Promise of the Commons

Anoushka Zoob Carter

Comic: Weird Ecologies

Future Natures