Future Natures explores the global terrain and emergent ecologies of commoning and enclosure, through stories, arts and research.

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Explore ideas, stories and learning from the commons and commoning around the world.

Video: Crisis, development & ecologies of the new commons

Future Natures

Commoning in refugee camps: In conversation with Yafa el Masri

Anoushka Zoob Carter

In this audio interview, Future Natures sits down with Yafa El Masri to discuss commoning and the commons in refugee camps.

Geothermal meets pastoral livelihoods in Kenya

Jeremy Lind

The expansion of geothermal power in Kenya has impacted the Maasai and other residents, creating new divisions and tensions.

Masters in Commons Administration: new taster course in 2023

Future Natures

Details of a three-day taster course on the commons, to be held in January 2023 in North-West England.

Encountering the commons in The Pluriverse of Eco-social Justice

Anoushka Zoob Carter

The history of enclosure in Portugal can be found in the art world and forest worlds. Connecting the two are ongoing struggles to recommon these spaces…

How to make a mini-zine

Nathan Oxley

This handy guide provides a quick and easy way to make your own mini-zine.

Call for aid: Cooperation Jackson and the city’s urgent water crisis

Future Natures

As their city confronts a severe water crisis due to infrastructural collapse, Cooperation Jackson has issued an urgent fundraising appeal for their autonomous relief effort.

Hopping over the fence

Nathan Oxley

How mass trespassers in England are venturing on to fenced-off lands to reconnect with lost commons.

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Comic: Future Natures

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