Through research, arts and stories, Future Natures explores the possibilities and ecologies of commons and commoning.

Strange Natures

A season of creative works and reflections on ‘the strange’ as a lens to understand natures, crises and struggles.

Latest stories

Photo story: Xolobeni – A Commoning Success Story

Hali Healy

Photo story about the struggle by people in Xolobeni to protect and develop their commons against extractive interests.

Strange Natures: Singing bullfrogs of Sanjay Van

Future Natures

A story about a strange encounter with singing frogs in a South Delhi forest, and the possibility of communication between species.

Strange Natures: BRICKS

Future Natures

Strange Natures: The Value of a Voice

Future Natures

Strange Natures: Volatile ecologies and shifting islands

Future Natures

Strange Natures: Zine – ‘Strange Realism’

Future Natures

A zine by Francis Gene-Rowe about poetry, the self, time, stories and nature.