Through research, arts and stories, Future Natures explores the possibilities and ecologies of commons and commoning.

Strange Natures

A season of creative works and reflections on ‘the strange’ as a lens to understand natures, crises and struggles.

Latest stories

Zine: ‘Strange Natures’

Future Natures

A zine of art and essays on the theme of ‘Strange Natures’.

Podcast: Land, democracy, identity

Future Natures

Podcast episode with US-based author Antonia Malchik about walking, ownership, nature, urban spaces and politics.

What is land for?

Future Natures

Histories of enclosure and profit shape what can be grown on the land, as Scotland’s history illustrates.

What happened to the global land grab?

Future Natures

Ian Scoones discusses the aftermath and legacies of the ‘global land grab’ ahead of a major international conference on the topic.

Strange Natures: Black Water Crossing

Future Natures

Strange Natures: The pale glade

Future Natures