Future Natures explores the global terrain and emergent ecologies of commoning, beyond enclosure, through stories, arts and research.

The Commons

Explore ideas, stories and learning from the commons and commoning around the world.

Photo story: Views of Mpox in Nigeria

Future Natures

Based on research in Nigeria, this story explores how mpox is felt and understood by different people – including those with symptoms, the wider community and healthcare workers.

Comic: Mpox in Nigeria – lessons from diverse experiences

Future Natures

Comic that explores the varied experience of mpox in Nigeria, with suggested lessons for healthcare elsewhere in the world.

My body as food, my food as neighbour

Future Natures

Starting from the ecologies and relationships involved in foraging, Elaina Weber discusses how you might see your food as community, and yourself as ‘future food’.

Mapping community gardens in the UK

Nathan Oxley

The organisation Sustain provides a map of community gardens around the UK, and organises a weekend of action where gardens invite people in to take part.

Naming, unnaming and commons

Nathan Oxley

A Portuguese village on the front line of the ‘energy transition’

Future Natures

Covas de Barroso is facing the threat of an open-cast lithium mine, with just 10 days to respond to a public consultation.

Comic: Seeing Conflict at the Margins

Jeremy Lind

A comic explores views of resource conflicts from the perspectives of rural people in Kenya and Madagascar, shared with the help of participatory video methods.

Film ‘Finite’ documents community resistance against mines

Nathan Oxley

A powerful documentary about people coming together to take action against new mining developments in Germany and the UK.

Seeding the commons in Argentina

Anoushka Zoob Carter

Podcast episode with Almendra Cremaschi of Bioleft, a seed commoning initiative based in Argentina.

Unsettling enclosures

Anoushka Zoob Carter

Anoushka Zoob Carter asks what the unsettling of enclosures looks like on the land in three different contexts.