Through research, arts and stories, Future Natures explores the possibilities and ecologies of commons and commoning.

Strange Natures

A season of creative works and reflections on ‘the strange’ as a lens to understand natures, crises and struggles.

Latest stories

Food systems are broken. Could treating land as commons help?

Future Natures

Widespread separation from the land combined with deep inequalities may give rise to novel forms of land governance, but with contradictions and contestations.

Zine: ‘Strange Natures’

Future Natures

A zine of art and essays on the theme of ‘Strange Natures’.

Podcast: Land, democracy, identity

Future Natures

What is land for?

Future Natures

What happened to the global land grab?

Future Natures

Strange Natures: Black Water Crossing

Future Natures

An excerpt from a comic that explores a fantastical journey to a strange island in the Andaman sea.