How to make a mini-zine

Zines are a great way to share ideas, obsessions, information or creativity in a format that’s cheap to produce and easy to copy. Zines have been around for decades, but even in this digital age, they’re still a common way for people to self-publish and share their work.

If you’ve never made a zine, you can start today! Here’s a handy guide by zine-maker Jenna Brager, which shows you how to make an 8-page mini-zine out of a single sheet of paper.

For an even more detailed guide to making this kind of zine, check out the step-by-step series of photos at the Experiment With Nature site.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, or want to explore the many zines that have been created over the years, search for a zine library or a zine fair near you. There’s even a research conference conducted almost entirely through the medium of zines.

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