Strange Natures: BRICKS

A short experimental film on human-centred worlds and strange natures..

BRICKS is a short film by Ceri Nicholls.

Ceri writes: “The film started out as an exploration of how people delineate between natural spaces, and those spaces found in the parts of the world we have shaped to suit our needs. The natural world is revered, but that respect only goes so far. The majority of our energies are spent on either changing it or subjugating it, introducing a strangeness to both environments.

In pulling the film together, it became apparent that it was much more focused on the human-centred world and the sad, strange isolation we have created for ourselves.”

Watch the film

Warning: This film contains repeated flashing lights.

About Ceri Nicholls

Ceri Nicholls is a sound and film maker who has recently moved from a city to a rural area of North Lincolnshire. The way that the urban slowly fragments and fades into the green of the countryside has led Ceri to consider interactions with both environments.

This film is part of our series on Strange Natures.

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