Film ‘Finite’ documents community resistance against mines

Rich Felgate’s film documents the human impacts of large-scale mining developments and the struggles against them.

Released in February 2023, the documentary film ‘Finite’ shows action in two countries to defend landscapes against destruction by the fossil fuel industry, and how the two campaigns became linked across national borders. Against the backdrop of global problems made worse by climate change, the film documents how activists have come together to take direct action as a last resort against new coal mines.

From the film’s description:

“Concerned citizens in Germany step forward to save an ancient forest from one of Europe’s biggest coal mines, whilst they form an unlikely alliance with a frustrated community in rural northeast England who are forced into action to protect their homes from a new mine.”

Resistance to the mining developments has been met with violence from security guards and police forces. This also made it challenging to document the protests, as the director Rich Felgate describes in an interview about the film.

Against harsh weather conditions, threats, injuries and even loss of life, the networks and communities involved have been vital for sustaining the actions over long periods of time. In January, Andrea Brock wrote about how communities were formed around several sites in the Rhineland where local people and ancient forests have been threatened by new coal developments. Across national borders, international networks have helped to share solidarity, practical skills and resources between activists and local people. The campaigns echo many other struggles around the world to defend nature and local communities against displacement and ecological destruction.

The film’s website includes links to relevant campaigns in the UK and Germany involved in defence against the expansion of coal mining and other extractive industries.

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Image: Still from the trailer for ‘Finite’ (Fair use).

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